NYC Weekly Drop-In Classes

All classes are held at the Bellyqueen School of Dance.

  • Mondays 8.30-9.30pm: Absolute Beginner Course (Begins Sept 10)
  • Tuesdays 6.00-7.00pm: Beginner Belly Dance (Drop-in)
  • Tuesdays 7.00-8.00pm: Int/Adv Belly Dance Course
  • Wednesdays 8.30-9.30pm: Absolute Beginner Course (Begins Oct 3)
  • Thursdays 6.30-7.30pm: Beginner Belly Dance (Drop-in)
  • Thursdays 7.30-9pm: PURE Community Course
  • Fridays 6.00-7.00pm: Beginner Belly Dance (Drop-in)
  • Fridays 7.00-8.00pm: All Levels Dance to Live Music (Drop-in)


I've been teaching bellydance in New York City since 1998, the same year that my troupe Bellyqueen was founded. My first classes were at Bridge for Dance on the Upper West Side and I promoted them with street flyers! It was a humble beginning.

Eventually I moved classes to 440 Studios, where the school has been based since 2004, and expanded the topics and number of courses as other Bellyqueen members began teaching as well. Today the school offers ongoing classes in Oriental, Fusion, Indian Fusion, and technique.

Specialty classes are also offered in topics such as dancing to live music, Turkish dance, using veil, balancing, finger cymbals, improvisation and more. Not sure you're ready for a class? You can book a private or semi-private lesson for you and your friends. Just between you and me, I love teaching bachelorette parties. 


Bellyqueen School of Dance @ Playwright's Downtown, 440 Lafayette St, 4th Floor, Studio 4C or 4D, New York, NY 10003

I taught at the world-class dance studio, Steps on Broadway from 2015-2018. Enjoy this promo video shot by Jacob Hiss.