I've been fortunate to spend the past 20 years doing the things I love most; traveling, studying and teaching. Here's a compilation of workshops that I've taught domestically and internationally. I'm happy to answer any questions or tailor a workshop to your specific needs and interests. 

KAESHI Classics

Poses Galore

Bored with using the same poses over and over? Learn 39 arm positions and 26 leg positions that will give you around 40,000 new options to add to your dance tool kit and learn how to transition dynamically between them tracing beautiful patterns in space.

Performance Skills

Express your authentic self with an audience explore your emotional range using your intention and imagination for a riveting performance. Learn how to expand your presence to connect with an audience as well as different methods to improvise with confidence. Whether your stage is space between a restaurant, or a theater with 2000 seats, you will gain skills to become a more magnetic performer. This workshop is appropriate for dancers of all levels and styles.

Innovative Veil 

Learn how you can use a veil for more than just floating and framing. You will learn some of Kaeshi’s favorite flourishes, throws, holds, binds, snaps, wraps and combinations. By the end of this workshop your veil will become a tool for transformation. (Please bring a 3 yard veil.)

Belly Dance Fans

Fascinated by fans but don’t know how to use them? Then come and discover how the beauty of fan dancing can enhance your ability to mesmerize an audience. Kaeshi learned fan dance first hand from Chinese dance masters as a teenager, and toured throughout multiple cities in Australia dancing with the “Chinese Youth League”. Learn different hand holds, poses, dramatic accents, poses you can strike, plus a myriad of bellydance movements that work well with fan technique. Appropriate for 12 inch fans with 5-12 inches of fabric hanging off the edge. Please bring your own fans to the workshop. If you don't have any, extra fans will be available for use.

Combo Platter 

Learn 3 combos in the styles of Oriental, Fusion and Gypsy from Kaeshi Chai who is renown for her versatility as a performer and instructor. Kaeshi draws upon her extensive experience performing internationally for all walks of life in many different venues to bring you a workshop that will also enable you to effectively reach your audience by learning how to modify your dance style to suit each unique situation. By the end of this workshop, you will have greater confidence with how to tackle a variety of performance opportunities.


Story Telling through Dance

Gain theatrical tools to more effectively connect to audiences and convey your story through dance. (I've been training intensely in Lecoq physical theatre methodology and just completed the Dellarte International School of Physical Theatre summer intensive ).

Fearless Improvisation

Feel the fear and do it anyway. Learn how to improvise in a safe space by sharpening your ability to listen, embracing space and dynamics and letting your true self be seen.

Connect and Play

Build community, deepen relationships and play with your fellow dancers through games, laughter and flocking. 

Unleash Your Inner Beast and Goddess

The beast is our power, rage, grief and desires. The Goddess is our compassion, serenity, love and joy. Explore these light and dark archetypes that live within yourself with Kaeshi Chai in a safe environment by varying your intent, gaze, posture, muscle control and type of movements. You will also be introduced to Lecoq, Dell'Arte, Laban and Playback physical theatre techniques.


Clean Up Your Act!

Technique clinic to polish your foundation moves. Good for dancers of all levels.

Choreographies - PROPs

Veil Enchantment

Learn a full choreography where you will give life to your dancing partner, the veil. Soar through an enchanting song Warda's Whorehouse by Philip Glass with new flourishes, throws, holds and wraps to invigorate the way you dance with fabric.

Delightful Double Fans

Choreography to Maintenant by Rupa and the April Fishes.


The Almeh aka Ghawazi was the name of a class of courtesans or female entertainers in Arab Egypt, women educated to dance, sing and recite poetry. They were hired to entertain at festivals and as mourners at funerals. Dancing with finger cymbals is optional and recommended for those who want the extra challenge.


Drum Solo

Learn a fun, cheeky drum solo that will drill your shimmies and isolations with the seamless integration of everyday gestures to capture the hearts of your audience. Music: Dayerat-i-Doum by Rami El AasserCHOREOGRAPHIES.

Slow + Sensual

Serpentine choreography to the Sensual Chifte by Eddie Kochak.


Contemporary Bellydance

Contemporary and bellydance both embrace movements that trace spirals, figure 8s, circles, contractions and releases. Learn how these two worlds enhance and compliment each other to the song Tetrishead by Zoe Keating with traveling floor patterns and dynamic stationary combinations that will enable you to fill up a stage.

Gypsy Fusion Choreography

Learn Kaeshi’s beautiful gypsy fusion style with step-by-step break down in technique and combos culminating in an enthralling choreography to Beatbox Guitar’s beautiful song The End Again. (Bring a full skirt.)

Snake Priestess

Become a serpent and learn the Tribal Fusion choreography to the song Filii Neidhardi by Corvus Corax. Tribal moves you will learn include: Satellite, Maya ¾ shimmy, Tribal turn, Egyptian basic, Torso Rotation, Taksim, Arabic, Cobra circles and some unique Kaeshi creations movements including the bow and arrow turn, slinky, death dive, small, medium, large Lotus arms and more.

Humorous + Theatrical

Choreography to Istanbul by They Might Be Giants.




    Mariana from Augusta, Georgia shares her thoughts about Kaeshi Chai's fan and story telling workshops.


    Teaching a veil workshop in Budapest, Hungary 2010

    Teaching a veil workshop in Budapest, Hungary 2010

    Teaching in Atlanta, Georgia 2010.

    Teaching in Atlanta, Georgia 2010.

    Fan workshop in Milan, Italy 2016

    Fan workshop in Milan, Italy 2016