Kaeshi is a wealth of knowledge and experience. She has outstanding teaching skills and created a non-judgemental, laid-back environment for us to learn in. Kaeshi, you nailed it!!!
— Anna Libkhen
Thank you again so much for putting this whole program together! It was a really valuable tool to get me moving and check in with all the different areas I can focus my efforts to develop. I was talking to one of my friends recently about how hard it is to get any sort of constructive feedback or “progress report” as an instructor. Such feedback generally will just come in the form of students not returning.. which we tend to want to avoid. So even though I’m definitely used to being in front of a group, having an actual critique of what I’m doing while I’m there is soooooo appreciated.
— Ashley Enright



Join me in Bali August 2-13 for our upcoming Teacher Training and Creative Lab! We've found a gorgeous facility that serves delicious food and is right in the heart of Ubud. Roll out of bed, have breakfast and walk to a few feet to the studio where we'll be training and having a fantastic time.

Participants have the option of also joining a Creative Lab that I'll be conducting from the same location. Two great events in one stunning location.

Spaces are still available!

This 40-hr course is ideal for serious students, current and aspiring teachers. Deepen your bellydance practice and understanding of teaching tools, anatomy, history, culture, music, business and more with this training. We cover a ton of material because because we believe its important.

Mastering dance technique and learning to pass that on is only one small part of the picture. A teacher should know the culture of their art form. Where did it come from? What are the different styles of dance and how are they different? They should be aware of physiology so they can offer safe, supportive classes for students of different ages, body types and capabilities. A basic understanding of music will expand the potential of your expression. And, finally, how can you support yourself as an artist and entrepreneur? We'll cover the basics of running a business so you don't have to learn everything the hard way. 

Participants who pass the written and practical exam and practice teach a minimum of 20 hrs outside of the training will be awarded a Bellyqueen Teacher Training certificate of completion, others will receive a certificate of attendance.


  • Teaching Tools
  • Bellyqueen Beginner Curriculum & Combos
  • Music (Rhythm & Melody)
  • Anatomy (Upper & Lower Torso)
  • History & Culture
  • Business
  • Common Injuries and Prevention
  • Practical Exam
  • Poses Galore & Postures for Different Bellydance Styles
  • Welcome & Overviewr
  • General Review
  • Written Exam

    past Instructors

    • Kaeshi Chai (technique, business)
    • Nancy Eder (culture, history)
    • Morocco (culture, history)
    • Carmine Guida (music)
    • Zafir Tawil (music)
    • Souren Baronian (music)
    • Brad MacDonald (music)
    • Lissa Michalak (anatomy)