Directed by Kaeshi Chai, this Contemporary dance piece premiered at Alvin Ailey on May 12th 2018 at the 5 Elements PURE Conference and explores the creation and destruction cycles and unique characteristics of the 5 elements of metal, water, wood, fire and earth.

Featuring Trevor Krahl, Tsuyoshi Watanabe, Tyler Clark, Rosa Silva and Sanchel Brown. Costume of Debbie Despina Cartsos. Music is "Spectrum of the Sky" by "Break of Reality". Video by Rick Engelsher.

Dayerat-i-Doum drum solo composed by Rami El Aasser Played by Rami El Aasser, Joaquin Colon, Ryan Paul Gates, Kyoko Pine and Jennifer Ng Dance by Kaeshi Chai | | Performed on Sept 7th 2016 at Speyer Hall - University Settlement, NYC

This is an improv with Kaeshi Chai from the 5 year anniversary show at Jebon. Musicians (from left to right), Rob Mastrianni, Casey Bond, Brad Mack, Carmine T. Guida, Eylem Besaldi, Pete List

Channeling a Brazilian rainforest and her creatures to a spontaneous percussion solo by the talented Mal Stein. Thank you Brian Walters for videoing.
Bellyqueen Dance Theater at BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center, New York City October 10th 2008 10th Anniversary Show. Live music by Djinn.

Duet to the song Laylet Hob with Amar Gamal at the Folies Begere in Paris in the Bellydance Superstars show. Choreographed by Kaeshi Chai and Amar Gamal. Music by Mimi Spencer and Mary Ellen Donald. Flamenco Guitar by Arturo.

Improvisation to "Batwannes Beek" played by George Pchakjian and Gaml Gomaa at Anisa Dance's King Tut 20th Anniversary Show in Los Angeles on Nov 6th, 2016.
I fell in love with this choreography in May 2017 at the Blossom Festival in Toronto and wanted to dance in it so I invited the choreographer, Florence Leclerc from Montreal to NY to make my dream a reality.
Opening invocation for the PURE Conference "Awakened Warrior" Show with the incredible Harry Einhorn on vocals. Beautiful red Persephone dress by Myra Krien. Video by Nicholas Accettura.