Creative Labs are a 3-4 day collaborative process for the development of a new show. I'll say that again, in a lab we conceptualize, develop and perform a fully developed show in only a couple of days. Participants, and sponsors, will learn the skills and techniques to replicate this creation process on their own so they can create their own shows in less than a week.

Influenced by the product development methodology from Jake Knapp's book Sprint: How to Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas in Just Five Days creative labs will give participants the tools to conceptualize, prioritize and structure a narrative show. To my knowledge these creative labs are the first application of the Sprint methodology to the creation of theater. 

The Sprint prototyping process is used along with tools from Dell'Arte International, DEL - Dance Education Laboratory, Village Playback Theatre, the PIT (Peoples Improv Theater) and Lecoq Technique (Movement Theater Studio), Third Rail Projects, Axis Dance Company, New Adventures and collaborations with companies such as Bellyqueen, PURE, Bellydance Superstars, Bellydance Evolution, Collage USA and Bella Gaia. 

What will participants learn?

  • The tools to build a theatrical dance production in only 3-4 days

  • How to save time and money in the creation of your own shows 

  • A process to develop a complete show with a narrative arc from any idea

  • How to tell a story through choreography

  • The relationship between solo and collaborative creative development

  • The application of structured improvisation and how it connects to choreography

  • Improve your ability to work with others by learning to lead and follow

  • Develop your acting and theatrical skills

  • Learn how to cast your performers so their strengths are utilized

  • A problem solving process that can be applied to other aspects of your life

  • Expand your network of local and international artists

host a creative lab

If you have a dance studio, a troupe, or just want to bring your community together to build a show we can run a lab in your city. It's a process that you can replicate to build your own shows in the future which will save you time and money. Contact me if you're interested or simply have questions. I'd love to speak with you about the process.

Other applications of the process

Lets get creative. How else can we push the limits of this process? I've applied the process to the creation of a highly polished group choreography in only 3 rehearsals and the final piece was featured at Alvin Ailey in New York City. Let me know your wildest ideas so we can make them happen.

Here are some ideas to get the wheels turning...

  • Prepare a featured group and/or student piece for a hafla

  • Develop a new featured piece for a festival

  • Heck, let's develop a new festival

  • Create an engaging solo for self-promotion


  • 2018, August 9-12: Ubud, Bali

  • 2018, March 14-17: Holon near Tel Aviv, Israel

  • 2018, January 19-21: Sante Fe, New Mexico, USA

  • 2017, November 24-26: Mystic, Connecticut, USA


On Nov 2017, Kaeshi Chai gathered 8 dancers from around the world to create a show about the ocean in just 3 days! The lab took place at the "Dragon's Egg" near Mystic, CT The "Sprint" prototyping process, normally used by businesses to roll out new products was applied for the first time in history to create a theatrical dance production.


Shot backstage, Myra Krien from Sante Fe, NM shares her experience going through a creative lab in January 2018 to develop her show “Mother” that was remounted again on the big stage in June, 2018. She embodied the archetype of the "crone" in this show, hence the special makeup.

Rachael Gilman from Sante Fe, NM shares her experience going through a creative lab in January 2018 to develop the show "Mother" that was remounted again on a big stage in June, 2018.